Sage Management - We find money on telecom bills™

Founded 2004, our primary focus is saving our clients’ money.  We Find Money on Telecom Bills™.  Sage Management INC. (“Sage”) has identified over $1.65B, realized $650M in savings, while identifying over $100M/year for our clients. 

We are the only firm to validate on Global Carrier, Enterprise and Government Organizations telecom bills.  We have benchmarked the telecom globe. 

Sage identifies, negotiates and reconciles billing discrepancies.  While we find you money on telecom bills we supplement this service with industry leading Physical Audits that ensure an accurate inventory.  We are currently negotiating over $400M in annualized telecommunications savings (Benchmarking/Dispute/Optimization) packages for our clients.

Our services start with analyzing your invoices and contracts, we provide you with a book of business, then create a plan.  We help you negotiate with your Current Vendor to see if they can provide you a market rate, based on a thorough Network Cost Evaluation.  We offer full service Benchmarking which can include RFP/RFI creation, implementation, negotiation and post rate validation.  We complement our Benchmarking with Physical Audit and Dispute Management services.


We have vast experience and have benchmarked all telecom products and services including:

Local Products & Services, ICA, Special Access, Switched Access, IXC, LD, Ethernet, MPLS, Wireless, Orig./Term International, Intra International, Physical Audit



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