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Our People

Our staff is committed to beating your expectations. We are a services based company focused on reducing your telecom and IT spend. Our team is made up of industry veterans primarily from the Telecom Carrier market and primarily from Cost Management departments. We understand the details of Telecom Ordering and Billing.

We have a focus on Charity and mentoring. We have partnered with Cross Up to help minority owned college students build a business.

We are proud members of the GBEF and partner with Upson Technology Group to help Federal, State and Local Governments save money on technology spend. We have a strategic partnership with Synchronoss to help Global Telecom Carriers save money on telecom spend.


Scott founded Sage Management in 2004 with a mission to optimize telecommunications expenses and reduce telecommunications arbitrage.  Under Scott's leadership, Sage has saved clients in excess of $1B on their telecommunications invoices while uncovering over $150M in new savings initiatives each year.  Prior to starting Sage, Scott was with the telecom software company TEOCO and Cable Wireless.  In his free time, Scott volunteers mentoring youth sports teams and young entrepreneurs, successfully helping create Cross Up.




Keith leads the Sage Audit team.  Keith is a recognized leader in the wholesale invoice validation space.  Keith's previous experience includes building TEOCO's OTA team from inception along with management positions at Net2000, eSpire, and MCI.  Since October of 2005, Keith's team has identified over $1.6B and saved over $650M in annualized savings for our clients.  He has vast experience in all types of telecom invoices and invoice validation methods.  He tends to focus his individual auditing on the more complex audit types, including switched access and complex DLR auditing.





Patrick co-founded Sage Management in 2004 and has over 15 years’ experience in Dispute and Contract Negotiation.  He runs Sage Management operations.  He is responsible for Account Management and Finance along with all Dispute Settlement efforts.  Patrick peers directly with our client’s upper management and Internal Council for Verizon and AT&T on behalf of our clients for settlement purposes.  Typically, Patrick takes the lead in the dispute discovery process and settlement activities.  Patrick has previous management experience in Federal Government consulting.





Tiffany joined Sage Management in 2006 and has over 20 years’ experience in Network Cost Management.  She works as a subject matter expert for all Dispute Settlement efforts.  Tiffany peers directly with VP Level and Internal Council for Verizon and AT&T on behalf of our clients for settlement purposes.  Typically, Tiffany takes the lead in the discovery phase of dispute settlements focusing on FCC, PUC and Wholesale Ordering and Billing procedures.  Tiffany’s previous experience includes positions at TEOCO and Winstar.